Exploration & Mining

Historically the Caason Group has invested into several companies in the coal sector with a particular focus on innovation, research and development in mining services. This includes clean coal technologies, safety systems and ICT solutions.

Caason Resources Pty Ltd was established in 2011 to facilitate the groups investments and commercialisation of its natural resources projects. Investment so far has lead to the development of HardRock Coal Mining Pty Ltd with further Tasmanian coal projects in our pipeline.


Environmental Technology

Alongside our energy coal interests, Caason has made significant investments in development of next generation energy projects through its Partnership with MagnoVex Pte Ltd and QuantoVex Pty Ltd

Caason is focused on carbon reduction technologies - O2 Box - and continues to be involved in the commercialisation of Waste Plastic Conversion Technology - Future Energy Investments Pty Ltd. This together with Caason's involvement in the Carbon Offset Market - Carbon IQ Pty Ltd - means that Caason is well positioned to provide end to end solutions for the carbon energy cycle.



Caason Technologies Pty Ltd provides direct investment into bringing innovation, research, and development from conception into practice.  The Group has made significant investment in customer and user interface technologies through its Talisman Telecom products

Caason Technologies is continuing to pursue innovation through Caason Resources by investing in advanced communications solutions for the mining services and resources industry.


Innovation, R & D

Caason has a track record in bringing innovation and research & development to commercialisation. To deliver on this, Caason has a long standing strategic partnership with Innova Sierra Pty Ltd.





In June 2015 Caason completed its purchase of Aileron Station 150km North of Alice Springs, NT. Spanning some 4080 Square km, Aileron represents Caasons cornerstone investment in agriculture.



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